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ThyDoc's online consultation services help you connect to ThyDoc Verified doctors from anywhere. All you have to do is, select your doctor and click the "Call Now" tab on the doctor's profile to connect to our health executive. Tell us the desired date & time slot on which you want to consult the doctor. Our health executive will connect you to the doctor.

To schedule an in-clinic appointment with your doctor. Click on the book appointment tab on the doctor's profile. Select the clinic or hospital you want to visit. Click on the selected clinic or hospital, where a calendar will open. Select the date & time slot. Enter your contact details. Our team will receive your appointment request & will contact you immediately to book your appointment.

If you have any health, medical or service-related problems, we are happy to assist you. Either click on the call button on the right top of the home page or call us at 9887-887-805. Our health executive will help you with any problem related to your appointment with a doctor or hospital, offline or online, and choosing the right specialty or doctor according to your health problems.

We have secured payment gateways at ThyDoc. To avail of in-clinic appointments services of doctors, you have the facility to pay either at ThyDoc or directly to the doctors. For online consultation with doctors, fees have to be paid in advance.

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