फिशर(भगंदर) के कारण लक्षण घरेलु इलाज बचाव ,Fissure symptoms and cure,Fissure treatment at Home Hindi

इस वीडियो हम चर्चा करेंगे की फिशर (भगन्दर) क्या होता है ,फिशर (भगन्दर) होने के क्या कारण होते है ,,फिशर (भगन्दर) होने के क्या लक्षण होते है ,और फिशर (भगन्दर) के इलाज क्या घरेलू उपाय होते है

In this friend’s, we will discuss what is a fissure in Hindi, what the are the causes of a fissure, what are the reasons for fissure, what are the symptoms of the fissure (fissure hone ke karan). What are the home remedies for anal fissure?

What is an anal fissure- Anal Fissure (भगन्दर ) is a tear in the mucosa lining of the anus.

Symptoms for Anal Fissure (fissure hone ke lakshan )-

1) Pain while & after going to the toilet

2) Blood in toilet pot or in toilet paper

3) Crack in the anal area

4) Skin tag in the anal area

5) Itching & burning sensation in the anal area

Reasons for anal fissure (fissure ke karan)

1) Constipation

2) Loose stools or diarrhea

3) Stretching of the anal canal during normal delivery in females

4) Anal Intercourse

5) Less common reasons (fissure hone ke Karan) like Crohn’s disease, anal cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Herpes

Complication of Fissure

1) Failure to heal

2) Reccurrence

3) Muscle tear

Home remedies for Anal Fissure (Fissure treatment at home in hindi)

1) Sitz bath /Hip Bath

2) Keep Hydrated

3) Enough fiber in the diet

4) Fibre supplements

5) Laxatives

6) Don’t avoid nature call

7) Do not Overstrain during bowel movement

8) Clean anal area properly

9) Control Diarrhea

Medical Management

1) Nitroglycerin Ointment

2) Xylocaine

3) Botulinum Toxin

4) Nifedipine, Diltiazem Surgical Treatment – Lateral Internal sphincterotomy

इसलिए इस वीडियो को आखरी तक पूरा देखेंI

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