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Tendo Achilles Repair


An Achilles tendon is situated at the back of the leg and connects the muscles of the lower calf to the bone of the heel. The tendon can get damaged because of overextension, strain, and sudden forceful impact. The Achilles tendon can tear, or rupture. This is usually a result of sudden, strong force, or The Achilles tendon can also degenerate. This is also known as tendinitis or tendinopathy. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the back of the calf. If the tendon is ruptured, the surgeon stitches the tendon back together. If the tendon is degenerated, the surgeon may remove the damaged part of the tendon and repair the rest of the tendon with the help of stitches. If the tenon is severely damaged, the surgeon might replace part or all of your Achilles tendon. This is performed with a tendon taken from another place in your foot.