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Spinal Fixation Cervical / Dorsal Lumbar/ lumbosacral


Vertebral fixation, also known as spinal fixation is a surgical procedure wherein two or more vertebrae are anchored to each other via a synthetic vertebral fixation device. The aim is to reduce vertebral mobility and thus avoid possible damage to the spinal cord and/or spinal roots. It is performed in cases of vertebral fracture, vertebral deformity, or degenerative vertebral disorders, such as spondylolisthesis. The device is used to achieve vertebral fixation that is usually a permanent rigid or semi-rigid prosthesis made out of titanium. A less common alternative to treat this condition is the use of a resorbable fixation device, composed of a bioresorbable material. Spinal fixation can involve either cervical, Lumbar or sacral vertebra depending upon the site affected by disease.