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EDTA for band shaped keratopathy


The calcification or the presence of calcium in the cornea due to uveitis, interstitial keratitis, trauma, superficial keratitis, sarcoidosis, or phthisis is called a band keratopathy. This condition is a derivative of hypercalcemia or presence of excess calcium in the eye; and is often called as a metastatic calcemia.  Topical Ethylene di-amino tetraacetic acid or EDTA is a potent calcium chelator that is used to treat the deposition of calcium. Treatment is indicated if the vision of the patient is threatened or if the eye is uncomfortable. Topical disodium EDTA can be used as a chelating agent. It can also be treated by removal with the excimer laser, also known as phototherapeutic keratectomy. Other modalities include diamond burr and lamellar keratoplasty