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5 Most Common Monsoon Diseases


Monsoon brings a relief from the scorching heat and high pollution levels. We all like to enjoy rainy days, traveling and eating a lot of fried street food. But do you know, we are vulnerable to a lot of diseases during the monsoon season? We all have been suffering from one or other monsoon diseases in the past. It is because of this reason, monsoon is also known as a flu season. Here is the list of the 5 most common diseases prevalent in monsoon, which you need to take care of.

  • Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya : These mosquito borne diseases have created havoc in the past few years. Thanks to ever increasing garbage piles, and high pollution levels, these diseases come every year like an epidemic and many people fall prey to it. The symptoms include high fever with chills, headache, nausea, and severe joint pain. You can prevent these diseases by regularly cleaning the collected water from coolers and flower pots and keeping your surroundings free of dirt.
  • Diarrhoea : It is a dangerous bowel disease that takes place because of the consumption of unhygienic food. Humidity levels are high during the monsoon, and so are the bacteria breeding. Though we all love to eat roadside fast food during this season, but we are actually inviting some serious diseases like diarrhea and food poisoning. There are two stages of diarrhea- acute and chronic. One can recover from these stages under the guidance of experienced doctors. However, the best precautions here are to drink boiled water and avoid eating anything from unhygienic food stalls.
  • Typhoid : If you experience symptoms of weakness, sore throat, pain, headache, and high fever during monsoon season, you might be suffering from typhoid. Typhoid is caused due to bacteria called S. Ty-phi. When a person consumes water or food from unhygienic location, he or she is vulnerable to typhoid. What you should do to prevent this disease? Well, the best precaution is to use sanitizer before consuming anything with bare hands, and stick to the home food for the entire season.
  • Jaundice : If you are consuming contaminated food and water during the monsoon season, you are exposing your body to a severe monsoon disease called jaundice. Liver dysfunction, yellowness in eyes, weakness, vomiting, and yellow urine are the common symptoms of jaundice.

This is a high time, we practice an old saying of prevention is better than cure. Most of the diseases can be effectively prevented and controlled under the guidance of an experienced doctor. However, some serious medical conditions might also require the patient to get admitted to hospital. So, instead of waiting consult your doctor immediately, before it’s too late.